Corus hotel, Chee Siew & Elson’s wedding day (15-01-2011)

Live band performers: Malcolm & Gina
Make up artist: Cherie Lee
Emcee of the day: Xiera
The lovely couple: Chee Siew & Elson

2 responses to “Corus hotel, Chee Siew & Elson’s wedding day (15-01-2011)”

  1. Chee Siew Avatar

    Thank you very much Malcolm and Gina, you guys had given us a memorable moments to us, and brighten up our wedding dinner. Your excellent performance also received a complimentary comments from my guests!! Thumbs Up, Malcolm and Gina..wish to see you guys in my friend's wedding dinner (i had recommended you guys to my friend, remember my agent fee ya! hehe)

  2. Malcolm Ha Avatar

    You are most welcome, Chee Siew. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the recommendation to your friends. Treat you eat when we meet again! Haha. ^^

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