Kee Tong & Venus’ Wedding Day, 翠恒酒家, Jln Imbi

2 responses to “Kee Tong & Venus’ Wedding Day, 翠恒酒家, Jln Imbi”

  1. Lim Kee Tong Avatar

    Thanks a lot! And appreciate you really sing the song "Can't smile without you" even we request in the very last minutes.Your live performance (& voice) is excellent & even much better than your video in youtube. We really enjoy it a lot. Thanks~ P/S: Elaine is prettier than in the photo. haha~ By Kee Tong (Groom) & Han Sing (Bride)

  2. Malcolm Ha Avatar

    Thx Kee Tong. I would like to say congratulations to both of you again. ^^ Thx for the compliment!

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