Performed at Liew Hong & Kah Fei’s wedding (Istana Hotel)

19th December 2009 was Liew Hong & Kah Fei’s wedding. It is indeed our pleasure to perform an unplugged singing function for the daughter of Teppanyaki’s director.
Performers include Malcolm, Terence and Nicole.

Istana Hotel’s Cafeteria — Taman Sari (our dinner place)

Before the guests come in (ballroom);

Our dinner (nasi lemak)…Wow! Such a big plate!

Outside at the reception(before start);

Time to rock & roll! ^^

Our pleasure to meet NTV7 famous actress, 陈可美. She’s a beautiful mother! ^^

MC with the band

Liew Hong & Kah Fei. They’re so friendly. Invited us for 2nd round somemore! Lol…

庆功宴!Thumbs up for the great performance!

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